I have a few small questions. Ordered a set of neck and bridge SD blackout pickups today but I forgot to check something. Do they come with wires at all? I'm talking about the red, green, grey and black wires between the pots and switch Or do I need to reuse the wires from my old passive setup (one volumn one tone 3-way selector switch)? I forgot to ask before I ordered them :p

Also, if my wires are not long enough, I would need to buy some but is there a specific type of wire I need?

Thanks for the help, this is my first time changing pickups!!
They have a different set of wires, only 3 for the active circuit.

But yes I would assume they come with the wires, ask who you bought them from if you are unsure.

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Well they are boxed new so I'm assuming they will. But I'll check anyway.

So what if it doesn't come with the wires? What type of wires would I need to buy??

Thanks again!