Well there's a good chance that I may be goin to college in New York next year, between Rochester and Buffalo. So I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the music scene is like in the Rochester/Buffalo area. The more detailed the better, and any info about the punk scene specifically would be great. Thanks
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id suppose its mostly rap based, like everywhere else is these days.

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Polar Bear Club. Theres a few others but off the top of my head thats who im thinking of.
Try asking the Punk forum. There's someone from just about everywhere there who can in detail about venues and bands and stuff. I think New York actually has a few decent metal bands too, but I'm not sure, I don't know where I heard that.
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im not sure about the punk scene, but there are quite a few hippy music festivals and jam-bandish type shows in that area. you might have to go a little more towards syracuse to get to some of them though. im pretty sure buffalo has a decent music scene.
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id suppose its mostly rap based, like everywhere else is these days.

so not even true. good music is all over lol
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theres great music scenes in buffalo, not just rap like a lot are saying. great hardcore bands are here (perfidious doom, sons of azrael, rhinoceros are a few) including some big names that arent around anymore or aren't really local anymore(etid, dead hearts). there is a lot of good jamband-reggae groups from buff/rochacha (check out "giant panda guerilla dub squad" and some of their buddies). a new scene thats startin to pick up is like a blues-jazz-hiphop scene with a lot of bands poppin up in the last couple years (check out askew artistry, type-relevant, narrow minded youth, purgatory kings, to name a few)
places like merlins, nietsche's, mode, and soundlab (all around the elmwood/allentown area) hold the jam band and hip hop shows. Most hardcore, metal, and punk shows are held at the icon, mohawk place(both downtown), showplace theatre, extreme wheels(both black rock area), and there are plenty more venues.
Im not too into the punk scene here so i can't help you with that but once you get down here you'll find a ton of good local bands. Buffalo really has a great music scene, it's really diverse and there's a bunch of quality bands from a lot of genres here.

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im pretty sure buffalo has a decent music scene.

indeed we do.
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not many huge shows come around NY, other than to NYC. big ones will go to Buffalo or Albany, usually not both. sometimes the penny arcade in Rochester will get a small tour, or one that isn't too top shelf (Necrophagist came by last year.) the penny arcade also gets a lot of local hardcore or punk bands, so that might be more of what you're looking for.