How do you go about choosing/finding the right acoustic pickups for amps. I have a taylor 114, and I am thinking about buying pickups for it so I can plug it in. I wouldn't think this is something you can go to your local guitar shop to try a bunch of different ones. So how should I go about choosing. Youtube can really only show you so much. Any particular experiences people have with Taylors and pickups that they may want to suggest. Thanks a lot
where you start depends on your budget. There are a variety of systems and all of them come in different qualities. Taylor can retrofit a brand new Expression System into your 114 for $500 plus the cost of shipping it to El Cajone, California. That's kinda pricey, but if you have the cash, why not? I wouldn't go that route even if I had the money, even though I love the ES, it's just too expensive.

You can look at some of the high end systems from LR Baggs and K&K. LR Baggs has some great systems. The Dual Source, which is expensive, but not as much as getting an ES retrofit. It's my favorite of their systems. Then there's the cheaper route, which would be the simple M1 or M1 Active. Also great pickups. Check out some K&k sutff, too, especially the Mini, its rather impressive.

It just comes down to your budget and the quality you're expecting. If you need the best of the best and you can afford it, then get it. If you're looking for something to sound decent, but it doesnt have to be immaculate, then get something in that price range. IMO the 114 isnt worth putting a $300+ system into, but if it's your main guitar and you plan on using it for a while then it might be worth it to you.

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Really appreciate the reply, alot of solid suggestions.

Yeah, I dont need anything crazy, Id just like to be able to plug it through an amp. Im thinking id like to spend 150 on it, if its possible. Ill take a look at some of your suggestions and see what has a reputable reviews.

Do most guitar stores/music stores sell this in store or would it be better to order online
I was in your same boat a few months ago. I wanted to mic my guitar for a fair price. For $150 or less you probably want a sound hole pickup you can install yourself. This is what i did, and i went with the fishman rare earth humbucking soundhole pickup. It was about $150 and i installed very easily myself. For $150 to $200 you can find a decent pickup for under the saddle. But you will probably need a professional to install it (more $$$). Plus, the rare earth humbucking pickup has a built in preamp, so you save a little money. The cheaper undersaddle pickups usally don't have a preamp, so you'll also have to buy one of those to control feedback. If your guitar has good tone, i would suggest you go with the soundhole pickup. But if your worried about tonal quality, go with the undersaddle pickup.