It's not really a hard song to tab, I did it on Die already. Just use amazing slow downer if you're in doubt. And yeah, it's A#. But die also plays some chords in the chorus, almost impossible to make out. Just a heads up. Kaoru is pretty straightforwards.
The rhythm is really not that hard to figure out if u have an ear for music. the intro is open palm mutes chug of the b flat string and the hammer on and pull offs on the F string, the verse is mostly consistent of pull-offs of the 8th and 5th fret of the F string and the chorus is pretty much power chords off the 3 low strings. everything else just listen closely to the song a bunch of times. thats what i did. i've learned that tabs are mostly only good for getting a general idea of how to play as the majority of tabs are screwed up in some way. it's better to just learn by ear. the lead is a bit more difficult though