Hello My buddy has a boss digital reverb pedal that was cutting in and out when he tapped on the top of it. Im an electronics student so i said I'd take a look at it. I figured it would be a loose jack or a broken solder. I took it all apart and everything looks mint except for some small corrosion on the power plug jack on the PCB board side. I cleaned that all up. Has anyone experienced this before and have any idea what might be the issue. I dont see any soldering isues or bend wires touching, everything is wrapped and solder nicely.

Pictures would help... could be a bad/defective jack that needs to be replaced though
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I tried jiggling the jacks when it was hooked up, didnt seem to make much of a difference. Not sure what you want in pics, Its almost entirely a pcb board, nothing is visibly wrong.

When you say "tapped on the top", do you mean as in tapping on the part that turns it on and off? If so, could definately be a worn switch there. If you mean tapping on the part where the knobs are, maybe one of the potentiometers is worn inside.
i mean tapping on the metal case with my finger, you actually hear the taps through the amp.