The guitarist of my bands amp stopped working and we're hoping its just a fuse. The amp is at our lock out and he is asking what kind of fuse he needs. The model is a Crate VFX5212.

How can I find out what fuse he needs? I can't find it on the interwebz ;[
Well, my intarwebs have forsaken me at the moment, so I can't dig to deep, and I can't recall ever actually digging to this exact amp.

No schematic found at the moment...

The best thing is to pull the current fuse, and replace with the same kind, naturally, but if you can't get to the amp, um....

Your typical 50 watt el34 amp will run a 3 amp slo-blo, 125v minimum, but probably 250v.

If you CAN'T get to the fuse, I recommend you bring a 2 amp, 2.5 amp, 3 amp, and a 4 amp with you.

I'd bet one of those will do the trick.
It (most likely) must be a slo-blo, and just make sure the voltage is 125v or greater (most are 250v, stick with that).