Hey UG.

I hope this is the right place to ask this so here it goes. I got an ibanez s470 for christmas. It is the first guitar I've owned with a tremolo system so I'm a trem noob. Don't know much about them. But i searched how to lower the action and figured it didn't seem to hard so I tried. This is where it went wrong however, I turned it left and where the allen wrench went in cracked off a little bit.

Its very hard to explain. Its not really the screw that broke its just the half of the head of the screw that allows the allen wrench do its job. So my question is... what the hell do i do with it now lol. The other screw worked perfect however. Sorry if I didn't do a good job explaining my problem

Thanks for any help/tips.
I don't thnk it's the truss rod.

I think it's probably the trem posts, as in, the spots on the side of the bridge that accept an allen wrench.

At this point, there's not much you can do if the head's really broken in half. You'd have to get a new trem post, as far as I know. A pic would be beneficial, though.
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If you were changing the action, then it's the posts that holds the trem to the body.

Try twisting it with pliers.

If that fails you will have to replace the part.

You can buy the bits online

If you're not confident with that, take the guitar to a guitar tech/luthier and let them repair it.
Were you turning the truss rod or the posts on the trem...?

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I'll PM you a picture tomorrow. Maybe you'll know. Its pretty minor it just won't accept the allen wrench. It almost looked like i could get pliers and use those but I don't wanna mess it. And to be honest I'm from a small town. Only one person I know could do anything with it but in a way he'd only be taking a shot in the dark just like me.

Yeah i'm pretty sure it was the posts because they were on both sides of the trem.
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dude... just take it to a shop... itll cost about 100 bux and get it done

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Alright so i tried the pliers. and i just couldn't turn the screw. I have no idea what to do.