Hi guys I'm looking for a combo which is gig worthy but i cant spend much more than £400 ( i dont mind second hand)

The style i play is mainly parkway drive, The eyes of a traitor, misery signals sort of thing so obviously a good distortion is most important but i would also like a fairly decent clean although i dont mind using pedals to get the cleans.

Cheers jack
Where is the best place to hold of a second hand one because I'm struggling to find any?

( by the way im from england)
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400 pounds.. that is almost $700 american ight? if so i'd see if yeh can find a used peavey 6505 + 1x12 combo. unless yeh wanna save up for new

the 1x12s are about £490 new yeah.

Just look out for a 6505 1x12 or a 2nd hand XXX
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Dude you have to get either of these:


I'd go with the peavey 6505, they're both abit over your budget but its so worth it

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