I'm currently rebuilding a 1980s Sunn Mustang. The existing neck is a bit out of shape and I want to replace it. Trouble is, the neck pocket is only 52mm wide and I can't find a neck to fit.

Does anyone know where in the UK I might be able to find a neck to fit, I've already searched eBay with no success. Preferably with a Fender Strat or Jackson shape head.

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Well a fender neck pocket is about 55.56 mm wide, so you might be able to take a little bit off the sides of fender shaped neck to make it fit, as long as the rest of the pocket has the right dimensions

Or you can make your own neck

Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, as much as I'd love to have a go at doing it, I don't have the equipment to make a neck.

I have managed to salvage the existing neck by sanding the whole thing down (including fretboard) ready for a new replica decal, lacquer and refretting... should make it as good as new (almost)!
I think Ibanez Wizard II necks are 52 - 53 mm wide at the heal
The scale and such may be a problem however
You could cut out a piece of wood 52mm wide and however long and thick, and glue it into the neck pocket and reshape it.