i know i need one of the two in the topic name, but i can't figure out which one i want..

i like the fact yeh can shape your tone and whatnot with the EQ pedal,

but i want somthing easier that i can really just plug in and play. obviously it ain't as easy as that but yeh catch my drift.

i don't wanna spend more then $150 on an OD pedal..

if i do end up getting an eq it will be the mxr ten band.

i play slipknot/amon amarth/amorphis/rammstein.

EDIT: I'm thinking a ts9 maybe but people say it messes somthing in your tone up(i forget what they said exactly it messed up.. but somthing in tone)

Any pedal will "mess up" your tone if you don't use it properly.

I got an EQ before I got an OD, but it really depends what you want to use it for.
Quote by MetalGuitarest
i want it for heavier tone.. so like deeper.. for deeper palm mutes for chuggin n stuff.

EQ should do...just to add more bass and scoop the mids a little (not too much!) for what you want
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