hey, just wanna preface this by saying that in no way am i being ignorant or anything about this, i have just geniunely wondered this.

What differences can be made from a really expensive volume pedal and a really cheap volume pedal? won't they both just do essentially the same things?
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I think it is how the pedal "blends" the sound from quiet to loud- if it is quietish and becomes really loud when you press toe down, or if it increases evenly as you press. I THINK. But don't quote me...
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Quality and materials. The cheap ones are generally made out of cheap plastic that could break easily and don't have much weight to them making them easier to push around. The more expensive ones have metal enclosures and are well built.
a cheep volume pedal will affect your tone , and throw your signal into a more dirty sound, or mouddy, its just how well it can be used without affecting your tone.
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