I've been sitting here, twirling my thumbs,
in the cold winter wind, slowly going numb,
where the blood in my veins would rather crawl then run,
like a sloth hanging from the branch
of the tree that he's claimed.

Fluorescent bulbs on streetlights flicker on,
and the hands on my watch shout, "Another hour gone,"
so I lean my head back and I dream of our lawn;
the bike on the grass,
near the porch where I laid it.

I know what I'll find when I reach my curb:
the old times, the grand times, laden down in their girth,
and I'll speak to this house, let it hang on each word,
let the rusted old smiles
match the steel of the stove.

I'll lie in the beds of this old house of mine, and
I'll tidy it up, just to pass away the time,
and when that time comes, I'll leave it behind,
for memories this heavy,
you can't carry alone.

And off will I go, my task being done,
to rejoin the cold and slowly go numb,
but the blood in my veins will run, and run,
and run, and run,
and run, and run,
and run, and run,
and run, and run,
and freeze.
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Reminiscence refers to recollections of memories from the past. It is familiar to us all and can be utilised for the benefit of others. For people with Alzheimer’s disease encouraging the act of reminiscence can be highly beneficial to their inner self and their interpersonal skills. Reminiscence involves exchanging memories with the old and young, friends and relatives, with caregivers and professionals, passing on information, wisdom and skills. It is about giving the person with Alzheimer’s a sense of value, importance, belonging, power and peace.

Reminiscence activity and therapies are used frequently in our own lives and well as in therapeutic settings and residential care. We all use it to cope in times of stress, such as mourning, it can also help reduce injury to our self image and it can create a feeling of intimacy and give special meaning to contact time with others.
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