Hey you guys are really good. good riffs, really catchy. um only have to say the chorus ect doesnt stand out much. can't tell when its changed from verse to chorus. and chorus isn't that catchy. just thought you'd like a listeners perception. other than that the music really stood out. caught my ear instantly. really liked it.
man everything is A+++ but your drummers Cymbals Sound like balls
other than that its mixed fantastic and i cant really pick on things like levels Etc

Oh that song black hearts red scars is almost a blatant rip off of that A.F.I song miss murder
Yeah i know what you mean its probably because they are all in distortion and theres know clean to distortion. But yeah need the choruses to stand out. Basically we get as many mixes as we want til we are happy with it. So well probably record some more guitar and vocals to get those choruses to stand out more.