if you're mixing it yourself i'd suggest pulling the hihats in a bit. they seem to be panned a little too far to the right. the vocals also seem to be a bit too loud, could use some more guitar and maybe a little more definition on the bass.

that's just me being picky as they're quite good how they are now. nothing really jumped out at me as being off. yall sound good. good job.
Your lows are def high in the mix and could be pulled back a little. Still, pretty solid for a first mix
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Basically we get as many mixes as we want til we are happy with it. So well probably record some more guitar and vocals to get those choruses to stand out more.

I agree with the hi-hats opinion aye its a bit much. We also want a better bass sound, we asked for it to be kind of like an iron maiden sounding sound, like killers. But i think it needs something more like gods of war by def leppard.
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You asked for advice, you got it - more advice doesn't equal better advice when it comes to recording, you're just more likely to be given bad advice by people who don't know what they are talking about. If you get a new mix done, post a link on this thread & you'll probably get some criticisms for the new mix, but until then, you're not going to get anything beneficial from bumping this thread.
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Some Quick Notes:

- Kick and toms are too boomy, sounds like they need a boost in the upper mids to give them some more attack.

- Why is the hi-hat all the way to the right?

- Lot of low mid-build up

- Snare needs to more crack to it

- It's a really dry mix - i don't hear much (if any) reverb

- cymbals sound dull

- Vox needs some work to really shine through

- Bass is getting buried

That's what I got for just listening a couple of times

When you mix, you should try to make to where someone can listen to the song and could learn to play it from that recording. Not bad, but it definitely needs some work
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