Hello everyone! I am selling a used Pearl Export Series Drumset. It's in decent condition with a small ding in the bass drum, the rack toms could use some tuning and one lug is missing from the floor tom. The snare and bass drum are great. Comes with a kickpedal, hihats and two cymbals (crash, ride) that are were bought separately because they are not included in the set.

Here are the specifications that I've pulled off from the web. (http://drums-percussion.musiciansfriend.com/product/Pearl-Export-Custom-ECX925C-5Piece-Shell-Pack?sku=490453)

Drum sizes:
12" x 9" and 13" x 10" mounted toms
16" x 16" floor tom(ebony series pinstripe batter)
5-1/2" x 14" snare drum (Remo Weatherking Head)
22" x 18" bass drum

100% maple shells
Wood bass drum hoops with matching finish
I.S.S. tom-mounting system
Perimeter EQ bass drum heads
Masters-type bridge lugs
Recessed bass drum claws with rubber lining like Pearl Reference drums

I'll throw in a free drum throne (a bit worn out but itll due) and drum mutes for the 2 rack toms,the snare, the crash, the ride and the hi hat.

It costs ~$1000 new. I'm asking for $400 but I am willing to negotiate. I'm a guitar player, so if youve got some really nice celestions, eminences, cab mics or recording gear, let me know. This drumset is in BAY RIDGE, NYC, it is local pickup unless you are very close to me (if you live in bay ridge let me know).

Thank you for your time everyone!
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