So we would like it if you guys could check us, Attack Memphis, out. We are a progressive metal band from CT and have a few rough songs up now that we would like to hear constructive criticism on. We should have a few more songs up soon so look out for those!


I wouldn't call this progressive metal. The quality is bad but nevermind that. Vocals, hmm they're simply bad. The little lyrics I hear is not so good.

Guitarwise, it's kinda good! You guys have potential but the vocals ruins imo.

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Thanks for the feedback, and yea i think the way we recorded the vocals makes the quality sound a little bad.

i checked out your band, good stuff, cool intro with drums on wounded soldier.
Recordings are not great, but we all know that quality recordings don't come cheap unless you know someone.
Musically, you guys sound great! Nice transitioning and lots of variation/technique with all the instrumentalists.
Vocally, you could use a little work. It just doesn't sound "raw" enough. It sounds like it may be a technique issue (if there is a proper technique) seeings as how it seems he is using his throat/vocal chords.
thanks man, yeah the guitar parts are fairly complex so it took a while for us to get it down. but were re-doing "we are the guiltess" and "I am the culprit" and recording 2 new songs as well. They should be up in a few days, so hopefully those sound better.

thanks for the input!
The complexity is a characteristic that I very much like about your music. It's usually pretty evident, after hearing a bands first couple songs, whether or not there has been hard work put into the writing process. And imo, I believe it says a lot about the band when I as the listener can tell that they take pride in their craft and put the time and consideration into it instead of just "throwing" material together to have a full set.
Make sure to post if you guys are able to get some studio recordings. I would really like to hear a high quality recording from you guys.