i've recently started giving guitar lessons, mainly for electric guitar, but i've been asked to teach this guy acoustic. i have the basics of what i'll start him on, but i need some good, very easy songs to teach him. ideas?
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"Horse With No Name" by America is about as easy as it gets, if you've somehow not ever heard about it on guitar websites.

Good luck with it. I can play but when it comes to teaching someone even a two chord song I struggle. I'm just not good at explaining I guess.
It depends on what chords you plan to teach him first, which I would highly recommend. Once he gets a feel for Am and C the intro riff to Simple Man by Shinedown would be a great one. I learned it during my first week of teaching myself acoustic. Unfortunately every tab on this site is the "arpeggiated version" or something so listen to the real version and correct it for your student before he tries it. Three Days Grace - Never to Late is also a good one but you gotta tune Drop D which if he's a beginner could be a bit of a hassle, but then again its a good opportunity to teach him tuning by year ehh =). And if you want something drop dead easy then there's a version of Silent Night on this site that is like 3 versions in one. One is the super easy, one is easy but uses a chord each beat for a nicer sound (as well as individual notes), and one is intermediate so perfect for him as he advances.

EDIT: Didn't realize but the site has some advice too.
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If you have to ask this then really, you shouldn't be teaching, certainly not expect to be paid for it.
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This is where a good teacher makes a difference. You don't want to teach him to play "Red River Valley" if he is interested in "Come As You Are."

Find out what the pupil is interested in.
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Really nice sound on acoustic, you do both strumming and arpeggios, with a very simple acoustic solo right in the beginning. Its got both a Rythm and Lead line which are quite similar except one goes into chords earlier while the lead plays the aforementioned solo.

Learned it in an hour, everyone loves it even if you dont like the band (i dont) or the vocals (i HATE them)
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Horse With No Name is good: http://www.guitarnoise.com/lesson/horse-with-no-name/
The Scientist by Coldplay is easy...
Same with Wonderwall by Coldplay...
After Wonderwall, you can learn Say Its Possible by Terra Naomi...
Hey There Delilah is pretty simple for fingerpicking (INSANELY SIMPLE FINGERPICKING)
Nobody's Home by Avril Lavigne is nice
Street Spirit by Radiohead is a fun one although a little harder I think...

These are all ones I recommend from experience. They are the songs I tried to play when I was just starting... Although my picking for Street Spirit got a lot worse when I didn't play it for a while...
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