I was fiddling around with a minor pentatonic position when I found this:


My instincts tell me it's just minor pentatonic with a sharpened fourth, but I'd thought I'd post here to see what you guys/gals think.
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Sharpened fourth? Wouldn't that be sharpened fifth if anything were sharp?
It is just a minor pentatonic with a 6th instead of the 5th.

You're right, my bad.

Thanks for the reply.
It's the D minor pentatonic scale, but with A as the root tone. I guess you could consider it the 4th mode of the minor pentatonic scale.
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Its an A minor pentatonic with a 6th instead of 5th, but if you add in the rest of the pitches, you would have either A minor/C major or D minor/F major depending on the quality of the 'B'
it's the blues scale i think.

just the minor pent with a b5 not #4 same difference though pretty much

i trust you have the right notes i didn't really look

EDIT: you didn't have the right notes/intervals but had you had the #4 it would probably be a b5 instead and just be the blues scale
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It's a d minor/F major pentatonic scale starting on A! The Formula for Minor pentatonic is 1 b3 4 5 b7, There is no sixth in a Western pentatonic! Compare the notes!