Hello, I ask for only the most serious of responses as this is the most serious of reads. This is the pit but I ask that only people who wish to read and respond to do so with all seriousness. Thank You.

~A Prominent Issue Dealing With The United States Government~

I am horribly depressed as result of the actions and thought process of the United States Government. We have the most imperfect government in the history of man. I understand the fact that no government is perfect and all will become and are corrupt. There is no denial of this fact. However, you may disagree with the fact when you should not, but we are dealing with the worst president in the history of the United States of America. This man clearly is unable to fulfill his duties as the President. In his latest address coming off of his vacation in Hawaii, he claimed that there was a “problem with the system”. He said “the system has failed in a potentially disastrous way”. What is his plan to change this? The man wants to make reforms to prevent future attacks. He wants to put together a no-fly list and try to prevent future attacks this way. However, along with the rest of the US government, he believes that the only way we can fight this war is by preventing every little move by Al-Qaeda. He also believes that the reason Al-Qaeda almost got away with this was because our intelligence agencies could not connect the dots. Our intelligence agencies are headed by the biggest morons you could find. Filled to the rim with left-wingers. Al-Qaeda is always 8 steps ahead of our every move. We are looking for underwear bombs while confirmed reports from middle eastern newspapers are relaying information that Al-Qaeda is heading in a biological direction and intend to release noxious gases in the cabin of American Aircraft, thus killing all those inside. But what is even more disturbing is that the people in our intelligence agencies believe that there are other people out there we can trust when we cannot trust ourselves. The suicide attack on the US CIA building just a little time ago was conducted by a man who was believed to be reliable. We let him in the embassy without even screening him. The CIA even failed to translate the Arabic newspapers in which this man confessed that he was planning an attack against the embassy for months. He CONFESSED BEFOREHAND in these newspapers that every time he goes into the CIA area he cries out Arabic words about his attack and it goes unnoticed. Why? Because the government fails to realize that they are not doing this because it is in their religion, it is not, it is a blatant act of war. And what is extremely sad is that these people are also in our own special forces and relaying our every move. Even the FBI is infiltrated. Why is this happening? Because our military is allowed to be completely diverse as consequence of our government being afraid to be called racist and prejudice towards the enemy! This all shows that we need to rethink our policies with Al-Qaeda. The days of pumping 60,000 soldiers into a country ended with Vietnam. We need to fight fire with fire and not fight fire with the politically correct way to go about things. We are playing checkers and they are playing chess. We cannot win and we will not win with these imbeciles and our extreme left-wing politics.

Barack Obama says “it was a failure to integrate and understand the intelligence that we already had. ....That's not acceptable, and I will not tolerate it”. What isn’t he tolerating? This liar that we people are calling our President is failing to realize that there is nobody to blame but himself for this. He plans to not tolerate this in the completely wrong way. He is failing to act as a reasonable person. He is failing to listen to the people and is not our Chief Citizen. This man lied his way into office by telling the people that he will be our President and he will use our wishes to guide his choices in office. The American People are amidst an outcry and he will not listen to us. Our national security is crumbling beneath President Obama. Creating new reform is not the way to increasing our national security. He claimed that Guantanamo Bay was a national security threat and he cannot be more wrong. Bringing down our national security is shutting down Guantanamo Bay and trying to put these terrorists into our judicial system. He has failed to realize that the rights of the people and the rights of the judicial system were created for the protection of the people of the US. We cannot treat the terrorists as a United States citizen. We have to treat what they did as an act of war and we should punish them any way possible. These people are bent on seeing the downfall of the United States. We should beat them down without any prosecution but instead we give them our lawyers and those lawyers tell them to shut their mouths. We cannot do this; it is completely unreasonable. We have to put them into punishment institutions where they will be beaten and eventually killed if they do not cooperate. Yes, it is completely the most immoral thing we can do but we cannot treat these people like a citizen and let Al-Qaeda laugh at us. We have to show them we mean business and we have to show them now. The United States government has to be brutal and extreme to them. They have us exactly where they want us. I cannot see how we can treat them good in our system and give them a quick way out when they are capturing our soldiers and torturing and killing them. We have to fight fire with fire. We have to put our toughest men in the toughest positions and not the imbeciles like Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, and whoever is heading all these security departments. Barack Obama cannot act against this by changing our policies, but by firing the people who are failing at their jobs and putting a tough person in there and not some college graduate who goes by the book. I know I will get a lot of flak for this and I know this may change people’s opinions on me. But Barack Obama needs to be impeached for his failure at his job and all the people under him who follow him as if he was dictator. The people of America and the people in our government need to be educated on how to correctly go about this. We have already lost the War on Terror. Lets not lose the war against ourselves.

~Thank You
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You don't know a whole lot...But you certainly have that bravado about you that would make less competent folk believe your rant.
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If women can be annoyed there arent any women incongress I should be allowed to be pissed off there are no members of pink floyd or the beatles in congress.
well, first thing's first.

Go shout at your local town hall. this will get people on your side.

then make some bullshit claims. (o you did, ignore this)

By the way, I didn't read this, and I doubt anyone else will. blog this for god's sake.
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Calling our government full of "left-wingers" makes you seem pretty far off to the right.

America is pretty conservative when compared to the rest of the world. Anyone who is to the left is probably pretty centrist in the grand scheme of things.
Holy fuck, I'm not reading all of that.
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Seriously, stop fucking bitching about Obama. You strike me as a traditional conservative American who uses Obama as a scapegoat for all their current problems.

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The people of America and the people in our government need to be educated on how to correctly go about this.

So... how do you plan on doing this?
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