So tonight as I was checking Stupid Deal of the Day on MF I was stunned to see the Silver Creek T-160 for $199. I've been looking at a 000 body style guitars for a while now and I couldn't pass this up. I know that buying a guitar off the internet might not always be a great idea but what the heck right? Just thought I would let my other fellow Acoustic friends know just in case any of you may be interested. I can't wait to get it!!! I've heard some pretty good things about this guitar and I sure hope they are true!
I saw that too. I never heard of them but good luck with your purchase please let me know how it works out.
I do sure love me them Gibsons boy
Awesome! I've been wondering how those guitars play/sound as well. Let us know what you think of it.
there are a bunch of threads about this guitar on agf. they're good sounding guitars, but some people have had to send their back and get a replacement, and one guy sent his back 3 times before the 4th one worked out. check yours carefully for small cracks, finish issues, bent tuners, etc. some that arrived were in good shape, but for the rest musiciansfriend was apparently very good about replacing the guitars with issues when contacted.