I found out a few days ago that my tremelo picking technique is a bit off. Ive been using my entire arm, but I heard that I should be picking just the same as when I alternate pick. Is it in the fingers? The wrist? Any tips?

And whats a good way to speed up my picking and just overall speed? Ive played excercises with a metronome alot lately, but it seems like I get faster at the EXERCISE, not anything else I try. Any tips for this too?

There are many picking techniques that can get you good results. The main thing to focus on is to be relaxed when picking, if you feel that your arm is tensing up or you start feeling pain, then your technique is more than likely incorrect.

As for picking techniques, there are many videos (Freepower's one springs to mind) that give a general overview of the different styles.

Freepowers video;



To answer your second question. A good way to built up speed, I find, is to improvise. This however, should go hand in hand with strict metronome practice.
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