hey guys i got this tuner Looky here lol

and i cant find out how i can like tune down to D or other drop tunings with it. Its pissing me off and chances are im dumb. any helpsss lol thanx
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it looks like you could just hit the FLAT button twice and that should allow you to tune all of your strings down a full step.

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your answer. look to the left for all types of tunings. NOW. once you pick one, scroll down to the chart. the tuner has a FLAT button. that is a half step. so a whole step is hitting that button 2 times, 2 steps is 4 flats etc etc. thats how you do it.

HOWEVER, if your going for dropped D, thats easy. i woulds recommend learning to do that by ear cause its so darn easy. open C ok use the chart. but dropped D might be the easiest to tune by ear cause its one string, shoud take about 3 seconds to do.

with standard tuning you have e a d right? so pluck the E and D at the same time. while doing this, turn down the E. generally it should take about half a turn but LISTEN! somewhere there thier pitch will sound the same (cause both are in the pitch of D).

you will get the hang of it. if you are unsure, play a tune you know in dropped D. when i do it, i play the main riff from Soundgarden Spoonman. spoonman works really well. so easy to tell if it sounds right or not.

RATM riff work well, but out of everything i have played, for some reason i think Spoonman sounds completely obvious and awful if its not tuned just right. so its a dead give-a-way to tell if your in dropped D.