heyy im pretty new to guitar. been playing a couple months now. i got guitar for dummies recently and was wondering if thats a good way to get better. any opinions?
lessons with a teacher are the best way to learn
if you want to teach yourself then a beginners lesson book would be a good place to start, after that UG has a lot of good lessons on pretty much everything you would ever want to learn
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Generally speaking, the For Dummies Books Ive come across really try to do a good job when they present the subject material. I have not looked that the GFD before, but based on my relative knowledge in other areas, and the For Dummies books Ive seen, the content and accuracy and depth of the material was well above average.

I feel better with someone with a for Dummies book for the Guitar, than a lot of other starter books, if you take the time and practice the material slowly.