I've been wanting to do some acoustic covers for a while, but I need some inspiration, something to push me to do it. These will actually be recorded, with guitar, piano, percussion, and background vocals. My skill range isn't fantastic, but I know some decent fingerpicking (Think Dust in the Wind, With Arms Wide Open, Night's Sorrow by Becoming the Archetype, and Hey There Delilah). Normal licks again not fantastic. To give an idea...well I can play stuff good if I practice I usually don't unless I have a reason to. The lick I'm really working on is Snow Hey Oh and I can play it cleanly about half speed.

Piano skill is decent as well, again, it's what I choose to learn. I know bits of stuff like Don't Stop Believing and Apologize by OneRepublic. I also know how to mix in piano parts, lead parts, and background vocals and blend all of them.

I would prefer either modern rock or pop songs, popular songs. I may do my own arrangement or if the band does the song acoustic, I might do that. My vocal range is a baritone, but I can lower or raise the key of the song to match. I have plenty of songs I can do, but I want you guys to challenge me to do one.
I do a lot of solo acoustic gigs around the Uk, i used to play the standard stuff like bob dylan, U2 and well known stuff but just copy them parot fashion.

Recently i've been putting in a few acoustic covers of bang up to date chart songs like the Black Eyed Peas, Neyo and justin timberlake, you will turn a lot of heads if you do something different from the normal stuff people expect you to play.

Check out this version of black eyed peas "I've goota Feeling" its played on the piano but easily transposed to acoustic guitar, 4 chord wonder, the key is easily changed depening on your vocal


a few covers on here by myself

another thing i do is search youtube with the phrase acoustic covers, somne weird and wonderful stuff on there