Here are some verses inspired by my new years night out, and encounters with a particularly friendly older mamm, god bless her! Crits please, constructive crits are most appreciated. Like I said, a couple of verses..

Uncork the champagne, resolutions the same
celebrate the year
40 years and running, you haven't changed
educate me darling lessons in shame

Throw me a wink, we meet by the sink
learned to be discrete
shuffle of our feet on the bathroom floor
pick the furthest stall from the door

At it again, with a different friend
heard that laugh before
stumble out the stall, flash me a grin
same time next year, i'll see you again!
Simple but yet accurate and effective, i love it
Blinded by the exertions of man
I stumble through the haze of modern malfunctions

Dropping myself into darkness
thank you, I appreciate it. yeah, simple and effective is what I was trying to do.

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