So i have a Squier mini with a seymour duncan Invader in the bridge . i just had it installed , came back home , tried it ... and its so not what im looking for .

my configuration is 1humbucker /1 volume ( the pot is a fender 500 k )

its dark , bassy and muddy and noisy as hell . i cant hear every note of a chord . it has nothing "bright" that would allow me to play green day , blink 182 ( funny that the tom delonge signature has a invader in the bridge , its unsuitable for blink 182 stuff IMO ) .

i thought a high output humbucker would make punk rock and palm muting better, but its all muddy and dark and come out wrong . even for metallica , iron maiden etc.. I prefer the stock diamondback humbucker of my hss strat than this pickup .

so im now looking for a replacement . id like high output but something not dark and muddy .

which seymour duncan would you recommend ??

can it be that the pickup has been set up wrong , it was installed by a professionnal luthier . the sound i have now is close than the cheap high output humbucker i had in my EsP LTD ex-50 . all noisy and no definition at all . im very deceived by this pickup . i cant believe it would suit someone except maybe for extreme drop B tuning death metal .

so im waiting to hear suggestion . Jeff beck ??? or should i stay with a lower output bucker and get the gain form my amp .
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what amp are you using?

if you want a bright crunch then look at a JB, Full Shred or Screaming Demon.
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Agree with the JB suggestions. I have a JB in my Jackson and it sounds rather bright, which gets a little annoying but thats just me. If you want even more output and still retain some brightness, get the Duncan Distortion.

From what I've learned, if you want to avoid any muddiness then do not get a pickup with a lot of bass! I think, according to the tone chart on the SD website, the Invader is EQd with a lot of bass.
JB for sure. Very versatile pup. I use it for Blink, Green Day, all that good stuff, but it can still
do metal, harder stuff, all that jazz. And then of course, it can still fulfill my classic
rock and blues needs.
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