Ive heard that it can get REALLY LOUD. And ive also heard that the quality peaks at about 3-4. If im jamming with a loud drummer, loud bassist, and a rhythm guitarist, how loud will I have to turn it up? I hope not more than 5. I have a Gibson SG
Not much louder than other tube amps. It's just really, really bright, so the treble hurts the ears.
It's plenty loud. I doubt you'll have to crack five. I rehearse with the world's loudest drummer with my Blues Junior at around five, so you'd be set.
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It is only alittle louder than a regular tube amp it just gets loud fast. Also you can easily EQ out the treble and disengage the bright switch for less treble as well or turn down the presence control. Not sure what the previous poster means by too bright?
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its a hrd, its bright.

its a whopping loud assed 40 wattr. your fine...
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