hey just wondering if anyone here can give me some advice on guitar solos
i would like to advance from just a basic pentatonic scale solo or would like to know if anyone would be able to help me out
cheers thanks
check out the 'Lessons' section of UG. You'll find all kinds of scales.

What I like to do to brush up on solo's and just all around improv skills to put on one of my favorite tunes that's pretty easy, and just adding in little licks, or one big one the whole song. A good song to do this on is "I'm Eighteen" by Alice Cooper. The intro solo is a basic riff, and there's another solo later.

However, the rythm is a simple Em, C, D progression. When improving, you obviously first need to know various scales (for instance, Em pentatonic). If you can play around that, and add in various fills and variations, then you can teach your ear what sounds good while soloing. Move up and down the fretboard. Don't anchor yourself to one spot. Implement bends, pre-bends, pinch-harmonics, whatever your little heart desires.

I kind of went on a rant...mostly due to lack of sleep. I hope I gave you a few pointers that will help you out with your soloing. Like I said, check out the 'Lessons' section. Learn your modes, LEARN YOUR NOTES ON THE FRETBOARD, just know how to rock out and have a good time.
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your in the wrong forum bro, but yeah there are tons of solo lessons under the lessons section of the website
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