How exactly are you supposed to use a Metronome to practice?
I suppose you are supposed to play each note of a scale in rhythm with each beat of a metronome at whatever speed? (obviously start slow and build)

How does this help anything?
I don't see how it helps to play solos or anything, I mean the good ones have slides and other techniques so it's not all perfectly split into the same times. And shorter notes like playing an eighth note then a sixteenth, then an eighth and a thirty-second. There will not be the same rhythm, right?

I'm new to actual notes. I can play tab and listen to recording to gather my bearings for speeds of notes and rests.

I am really confused about using a metronome, as well.
okay, first you have to know...
playing quarter notes would be equivalent to playing one note per beat.
playing eighth notes means playing 2 notes per beat.
16 notes are 4 notes per beat etc......

Usually when doing scale runs you play 16th notes and vary the speed.

You can practice solos that are not all in even time, you just have to be good at keeping rhythm and knowing where the beat is...which is why it is good to practice with one.
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if you cant master certain lick at certain speed, then you play it at a comfortable speed and gradally increase speed. you use a metronome to be sure you keep a contant tempo while learning it

All the metronome does is give you a beat. All songs have beats so you would just play quarter, eighth, sixteenth, or thirysecond notes or whatever the song calls for to the beat of the metronome. Simple
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