First I just got to say awesome band name, horribly corny song name. And the quality on the video was so crappy I can't be sure or really understand all of it. Just know that. Onwards!

Ok I'll be honest. First the good parts. You were easily the best guy out there you carried the band. You guys were very tight together for timing. I liked the structure of the song. Very normal yet catchy, and the breakdown was very nice. Couldn't understand the words. Fantastic sweeps on the solo. Clean all the way through and really ended the song fantastic. And your guys' energy was great. Tell the bassist to move more lol my bassist is a rock too. But great energy and the lead singer had the charisma needed.

Which brings me to my next point. The lead singer was much, much more talented on the guitar. His vocals were....alright, but having to look down often didn't help, and sounded like he was trying a bit too hard. If I were you, I'd switch him and your main guitarist. I don't know if he can sing, just an idea. The distorted riff at the into shouldn't of been distorted. A clean riff there then a come in with the distortion would make the song even more powerful, plus the distortion overpowered it. Even with the bad quality the riff sounded worse than anything else.

Overall great job. Nothing some practice and touch up won't help.
Thanks for the feedback Mekchrious!

sorry i didnt realize that makes me an asshole blake :P

and sorry if im spamming the forums I didnt know we were already on here