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Danelectro Honeytone
8 47%
Fender Mini Twin
1 6%
Epiphone Mini Tweed
0 0%
8 47%
Voters: 17.
Hello. I came across a Marshall MS-2 and realized that I had to have one of those mini amps..Personally, I prefer vintage/retro look so my options became Danelectro Honeytone, Fender Mini Twin, and Epiphone Mini Tweed. If any of you are able to give me a straight up answer of which one is the best out of all three, I'd really appreciate it ! I'm not looking to play high gain or loud volume on such a tiny amp, so distortion @ loud volume is the least of concerns..
Check out the Orange Micro Amp. The Fender & the Danelectro seem like novelties (just like the MS-2).

I don't know about the epi, but the Orange seems like a serious ultra-portable amp.
The speakers on my Fender Mini Twin blew out within a month. You can scratch mini-amp that off your list.
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Why do you want a mini amp? I haven't come across one that sounds any good at all.

The question you should ask is why WOULDN"T you want a mini amp?! lol I mean, I know they're not gonna sound like a tube amp, but I'm buying it just for the sake of it, not as a best sounding amp. So I just want the best one out of the three..Can't make up the decision btw the honeytone or mini twin tho..
Roland microcube.

Its not "mini" but damn its the best small amp out there.

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If you don't nessecarily(sp?) need a speaker you can try the Vox amPlugs. I have both the Metal and the AC30 versions of it and it's awesome.

Out of the mini amps you put down I've only tried the Honeytone and it sucked balls.
Not sure about the other ones.
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IVE heard a couple of them , and i really think that the best was the Orange micro Crush . its the sweetest looking also IMO.

Vox amplug ( the ac30 et metal ) sound really great too if you play through headphone .

the worst i tried was a smokey amp ( a small portable amp that look like a pack of cigarette )

orange is 3 watt with a 4inch speaker , and it does a great job .
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I have the Honeytone and I love it but it's definately not a metal or hard rock amp. I use it for Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jimi Hendrix and it's great. Sounds best with heaphones though.
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the honey tone looks kinda cool

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Roland microcube.

Its not "mini" but damn its the best small amp out there.

100% yes! I got mine for $30 with a 20ft Monster Cable...

I would pay full price for it...Its got many tones in it, and can fall off the bed no problem!

oh, and I've changed the 6 AA's in it once in like 2 years.
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Take a look at the Vox Ac4TV. It's an all tube combo with a 6.5" speaker.
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The AC4TV has either an 8" or a 10" speaker.

Vox has just bought out the mini3, I'd look into one of those personally.

Or get a Mini Night Train + cab for valve tonez in an ultra-portable package.