i watch you strangle another one,
rip out his heart from within,
thank god, i was smarter
i could smell where you've been
you said i gave akward,
but all you gave were lies,
truth be told your not special,
erased from my eyes
i tend to keep it real wise,
merely a waste of time,
that became my mind,
fall back to sublime,
if i tear down my wall,
and let you see it all,
would be a crime
this will heal,this is real=
fall back into sublime,
i watch you manipulate another,
lead them to a dead end,
i'd give my two cents,but.....
you wouldn't know what having a soul meant,
your not special
erased from my eyes,
i keep it real wise,
fall back into sublime,
merely a waste of time,
now struck from my mind..
I love the repetiton at the end, really makes it dig in. Not quite sure what it's about but i'm still half asleep so i'll read it again later Nott sure about the "you said i gave awkward", it seems like your trying to rhyme with the next line and didn't know what else to do. Overall a good piece
Blinded by the exertions of man
I stumble through the haze of modern malfunctions

Dropping myself into darkness