i currently have a marshall AVT100 which i love, and i need some pedals for it for heavy metal sort of sound, but also sounds like green day, blink 182 etc etc.

i was thinking the Blackstar ht dist x - link below for spec.


or the boss ds-2?

and crybaby wah

So what pedals should i get?? please help!!

thanks in advance.
hi my name is chris, and i also use a mashall stack.. or any metal sounds i need i use and swear by boss mt2 (metalzone) it does every thing from pink flyod to metallica.. i also use a boss gt10 multi effects if you want the best. i loop the metalzone through it, bu for metallica, back sabbath etc i just use the mt2.. try one in a store, you wont regret it..
any way, thats my advise to you. regards chris (bluey3015)
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I think you should get an MI Audio Crunch Box.
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