Is peavey vypyr 30 a great practice amp to buy?

i need to get a 30 watt ish practice amp that is loud to keep up with drums in a practice , but not to heavy

what do you think? any other good amps?
I love Vypers I must say, the tonality of the amp is awesome, ranges from Blues, to Metal, to Hard/Soft Rock easily.
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Need a new amp so much D:
Orange Stack or Marshall JCM 2000 Stack please.
Will do you well, but as the other guy said, I prefer the Vox VT 30, i believe its like 50 bucks more
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I say Peavey. I have one myself. Great amp.
I Like Orange......

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thanks for the comments, but does the vox have any effects like the vypyr?
is the vox a modelling amp too??
The VOX isn't a modelling amp. You'd have to buy your pedals etc.

If you want to listen to the peavey theres a few tone tests and stuff on my profile.
I Like Orange......

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The Vox VT is a modelling amp and has effects too.

But I would take the Vypyr over the VT any day, it's more versatile and the VT just sounded weak every time I played it.
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The Vox VT is a modelling amp and has effects too.

But I would take the Vypyr over the VT any day

well if you've done any browsing here on UG...or listened to the replies in this thread at all so far...you should have crossed the spider off the list by now.

The Vypyr and VT are both good practice amps...so far the Vypyr has gotten more nods in this thread than the VT. Try to go to a store and try them for yourself.
+1 for Vypyr as well. I got a Vypyr 15, and it's great!
So I'm pretty sure that the Vypyr 30 model will be better, including the stompbox feature as well.
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I would definitely say Vypyr. I have one (15W, so no Sanpera ) and it's great (although I'm planning on upgrading to the Tube 60 soon). The VT is a great amp, but you can do so much more with the Vypyr.

If you get the 30W, you should pick up one of the Sanpera footswitches while you're at it (preferably the 2, if you're willing to cough up another $200), then you'll have a bunch of effects at your disposal if you need them.
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Im an amature at this so it may sound silly, but could the vypyr 30 be plugged into a PA system?