Hooray for melodic metal! I was starting to think I wasn't gonna come across another fan. xD This would sound fantastic with some Insomnium influenced growls over it. One complaint so far, no bass? xD Also, I didn't want the song to end where it did, I felt like it was gonna keep going, but it stopped and my brain was like; Awwwww. Fantastic song though, I could see this actually being on an album. :P

Crit mine?

Thanks for the feedback yeah i do need to get a bass track down hahahaa
I know the ending is very short, and you would expect more, but maybe thats what makes it good, making the listener realise they want more out of the song haha. Just one view of things anyway.
BUt thanks for the feedback, will crit yours now
This piece is great; I'm working on writing you a bassline, either for you to use, or to get your started on your own.

I will admit, what I have right now over-steps it's role in the song a little bit, and by that, I mean sorry for going to the twenty-first fret during the breakdown.

Edit: I took my best shot; tell me what you think of it.

It's hard to judge from MIDI (or at least, it is for me), but I found this piece rather beautiful; hopefully this bassline will add to that.

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Bass for JackBowen.gp5
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Thanks so much for writing that bassline dude, really does kick ass, i wont need to edit that at all, will be incredibly useful as it is! And im glad you liked the song overall, i really did try and get some emotion in there.

Will crit yours now
Pretty good, but I'd be more inclined to call this Metalcore than Melodic Metal. Can't really say much that hasn't all ready been said, so I wont.
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crit as I listen

Intro's really nice, good drum beat as well and it's really good when the distortion kicks in, nice feel to it all.
Main Theme is really nice, just sounds good
The transition into the second part isn't too good though, just a bit too sudden, but the second part is good as well
The breakdown's really nice as well
I was hoping there would be more development on the main theme afterwards so I was disappointed that it was just repeated. It doesn't end too well either, it works, but it just could've been better

I really liked it though, would love to hear it recorded but you should try and come up with another section.

C4C? My one's kinda similar in a way. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1258430