Heyy everyone.

I've had this problem with my amp for a few weeks now, and it's really beginning to bug me. The model is a 10W Jay Turser GA-10TS , not an amazing amp as you can tell, and i'm looking to upgrade. But lately i've been having problems whenever i turn the volume up above about 10 total. The amp begins to crackle. I'm not really an expert on amps so i was wondering what it could be.

I was thinking it could either be;
lose or broken output jack on my guitar (doubtful)
lose or broken input on amp
ruined cable
a problem with the speaker or the magnets

Any ideas? Sorry if this seems really stupid or vague. Thanks in advance
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Could be a loose screw, but it depends what 'crackle" you are experiencing. It might just be the sound of an SS amp being pushed (generally not a nice sound).

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