Hey there.

I'm a 15 year old drummer/guitarist/singer. I'm into classic rock, heavy rock and melodic metal.

I'm looking for a fun band. Nothing too serious at first, but it may develop.

Any musicians at all in this area looking for a band, leave a message. Just to clear it up, I wouldn't be playing drums, guitar and singing obviously. I'll just fill in the gap if the band needed a drummer say.
im from crewe and me and some friends were looking to start up a hard rock sort of thing in that area (like buckcherry, velvet revolver kinda stuff) and if we were to go ahead with it we would need a drummer, where are you from?
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I'm around the Wrexham area, about an hour from Crewe.

It sounds good, just not sure if it would be worth the hour drive.
Isn't there a Train station is Wrexham with a line that goes through Crrew station or at least Stoke-City? If thrash-it up finds a rehearsal area and then DeadlySurfer gives him money to rent a drum kit it could work.