I'm trying to come up with a thrashy bassline that i can use with my band but i have no idea where to start. please can anyone help me?

thanks a lot
streaming root notes is usually a good start
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i got that impression from half the tabs i've looked at lol. but im really going for a magadeth style sound.
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i got that impression from half the tabs i've looked at lol. but im really going for a magadeth style sound.

if your looking for a megadeth style emulte similar styles in your writing.Look at how Ellefeson writes as a bassist if your looking for the old era style.

A lot of megadeth's sound comes from the amp they follow the root note much like every other thrash band, with the exception of the peace sells start and a couple others.But a lot of their main songs are root notes.

The sounds mainly coming from the harsh pick attack and boosted trebles. and theres ton loads of treble in their stuff wake up dead is pretty trebbly and so is hangar 18 if your isolating the bass.
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Write something that you think is "thrashy"?

Peace Sells played alone on bass doesn't necessarily sound thrashy, but then BAM

Their is no prerequisite element that would make a bassline thrashy.

Metallica's The Four Horsemen has one of my very favourite thrash basslines. It's practically perfects, so maybe check that out.

It's just a matter of what sounds good to you.

Hell, My friend of misery sounds like a solo bass piece at parts but then BAM, AGAIN.

Whatever sounds right, man
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Lots of triplets and galloping I guess. But that's more for riff writing, rhythmically it's common to follow the guitars or drums.

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Something you might look into is Trial by Fire by Testament. I would using chromatics, short spider licks or something related, maybe a touch of pentatonic and a nice fast groove.
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Careful not to recreate a Metallica song though! As thats pretty much all there is to thrash lol!

(Joking btw)

Nah, just feel it man,
Yeah, David Ellefson is the king of thrash bass. If you've heard the Peace Sells album or Killing is My Business, he has some of the most crazy basslines that aren't just root notes.