Im buying my first electric guitar soon and i cant decide between the Epiphone Gothic
G-400 or the ESP LTD Viper-100. Both guitars are SG shaped. Ive been learning guitar for a year (and have been learning piano since forever) so im looking for something a bit more than a crappy Ashton pack. Also, i usually play metal on the guitar just incase you want to know.
I prefer the design of the Epiphone, but ive heard from some reviewers that Epiphones are of poor quality. the local music store told me that they stoped selling Epiphones because of the poor quality control.

One last question, would other guitarists rant on me for owning the viper cuz it looks like an SG but its not?


■24.75” Scale

■Basswood Body
■Flamed Maple Top

■Maple Neck
■Rosewood Fingerboard

■42mm Standard Nut
■Thin U Neck Contour

■24 XJ Frets

■Black Nickel Hardware

■ESP Tuners

■TOM Bridge & Tail

■ESP LH-150 (B&N) p.u.

■Finish: STBLK, STBC

Epiphone Goth G-400 Electric Guitar Features:

Double-cutaway solid mahogany body
Set mahogany neck
24-.75" scale length
Slim-tapered neck profile
Rosewood fingerboard
1.68 nut width
Fingerboard inlay at the 12th fret
22 jumbo frets
Dual Alnico V humbuckers
2 volume and 2 tone controls
3-way pickup selector
Pearloid trapezoid inlays
Tune-O-Matic bridge
Stopbar tailpiece
Chrome hardware
Satin black finish
I'd buy the Epiphone... though I won't take a goth model because they look a bit ridiculous...

And.. Who cares what other guitarist think? I mean... Viper or SG... They only have a similar shape but are fairly different guitars...

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just play both and decide by feel, sound and looks which is best for you. one might feel alot better to you than the other. like reeen said, don't worry about what other people are going to say.

and i would just get the standard g-400. the goth wont have all the inlays and you might get tired of the goth look after awhile.
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GOTH all the way those low end LTDs are really crappy the Viper 100FM is probably their worse. Even as an entry level guitar it's not very good.

People like to argue that the GOTH and other Epi SGs have the same pups but that is no so GOTH pups are hotter. I have compared both side by side and the GOTH has a better sound especially for the heavier stuff.

I am not sure where the other posted got the specs on the GOTH but they are off a bit. GOTHs only have one inlay at the 12th XII no other inlays and black hardware same as all other GOTH series guitars.

pitch Black Finish
solid mahogany body
Set mahogany neck
24.75" scale length
Slim-tapered neck profile
Rosewood fingerboard
nut width 1.68
inlay at the 12th fret
22 jumbo frets
Alnico Classic Humbuckers
Tune-O-Matic bridge & Stopbar tailpiece
Black Chrome Hardware
Grover Tuners

I have owned several GOTH Epis I still have two an LP and V they sound and play great.

Quote by Reeen
I'd buy the Epiphone... though I won't take a goth model because they look a bit ridiculous...

lol ridiculous? haha its only black, its not like it has pictures of pentagrams or skulls on it hahaha. im a fan of dark stuff anyway so it doesnt bother me

thanks for your advice john, il definitally take it into consideration.
also, ive been looking around the net, and it seems that the Gibson Gothics arnt anywere to be found? i was just looking cuz one day when im rich id like to buy a Gibson gothic. maybe they have been discontinued
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Theres no such thing as a "Gibson Gothic." The term gothic, when used with guitars, means a black guitar, with black hardware. All you'd need do would be to find a black guitar with black (nickel) hardware.

However, the epiphone would be a better buy. The FM after "100" tells you it has a flamed maple (veneer, more than likely) top, which you are paying extra for. Probably in sacrifice of quality. Plus Alnico V humbuckers are really nice.

I have the G-400, its a very good guitar! Only things are the pots. They wear out, your best changing them.
my bridge one still works just the neck ones loose output now and again.

Thats the only problem ive had tho.

Awesome sound, awesome hardware.

Havnt experienced that other guitar tho
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I would get the LTD, just because I have that Goth G-400, and it doesn't feel very nice (I've had it for a bit over a year now). That's just me though. I don't like playing it because the shorter scale pisses me off, but who cares what I think? Play them yourself, they should be fairly easy to find in guitar stores (maybe not the Epi, but a similar G-400 should definitely be there)
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well im yet to try out the Epiphone, but today i tested out the Viper and it was pretty damn good. had a great feel to it, but then again im not an experianced guitarist so i wouldnt really know. easy enough to play and the neck is thiner compared to other guitars ive played.
lol the ESP LTD Viper-100 is the kind of guitar which would make ppl ask: "jesus christ how much did that cost!?" the flamed maple thing makes it look really expencive ahhaa.

the Epiphone is in the next town over, but im thinking about getting the viper without trying the Epiphone...