been working on a song on guitar pro editing it and perfecting bits and then lost the data?

It just happened to me and i'm so ****ing pissed. I still have the bulk of the song so its not that much of a big deal but it's like tiny little touches hear and there that took so long to add are now gone.

Share you anger please. Just in general if my chosen topic bores you.
I'm angry at this thread. *reports*
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lost the data when I recorded in GarageBand...got it back tho...thanks to apple's cool system for preventing data loss.
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yeah it happened to me lots of times... i really hate when this happens...

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oh i forgot to say how i lost the data.
I was working from a ZIP archive so i closed and clicked Save obviously and it said it failed to update the archive and the GP closed so i lost kit.
And losing a recording must be horrible