First of all I'm not really sure if this is the right forum to post this in, so if it isn't, tell me and I'll delete it and repost it in the right one.

Anyway, I'm looking to experiment with playing more melodic music. I want to keep my music rock based and everything, but I want to get away from the heavy, crushing music style that some people see as talentless, and try more "Nice" sounding music. (NoHomo)

I need to know things like which tuning is best for melodic music (I know melodic chords and whatnot can be found/made in any tuning, but I find it true that some tunings are better suited for melodic music..

I also would like a few examples of melodic chords. I know a few but I want to make sure I know the right ones.

And also please mention any other tips you might have for me.

Thanks very much.
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I think you're doing it wrong. Being melodic, or playing with melody, isn't about the chords or tunings. As the name implies, it's about the melody itself. You just have to figure out what sounds "nice" to you and go with that. You can't just turn a few pegs, strum a chord and get melody.
It's hard to tell what you mean by "melodic music"; is it the opposite of atonal music? What you call "heavy" and "crushing" (metal, I assume) can be very melodic in my experience. You can make music that is melodic with just about all chords and scales. Also, I'll have to disagree with the idea that some tunings are better suited for melodic playing; in fact they're completely unrelated, as it all depends on what you're playing.
Chords totally change the sound and mood of a melody though.

But it is also more about how the chords are used in relation to each other and the melody than it is about certain chords sounding melodic.
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Chords totally change the sound and mood of a melody though.

Of course, but they have no inherent effect on the amount of melody there is.