Looking for some advice on what amp to get. I mostly play metal like killswitch engage, metallica, lamb of god and things like that. i also want somewhat good cleans.
Ive been looking at the Peavey valveking 112, any thoughts on this?
My budget is around 400-600 dollars but i live in sweden so chances are things are more expensive here.
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order from www.thomann.de , maybe there it's cheaper...

If you take the valveking, get the 212... More versatile, more possibilities to add a cab (4, 8, 16 ohms; VK112 has only a 16ohm jack) etc...

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Bugera 333xl is perfect for nailing the Killswitch Engage sound IMO. Should fit in your price range just fine.
I am selling my VK212 or trading for a head...
I gig so it'S really easier to just bring the head cause cabs are usually already there.
But I'm in slovenia so...idk.
I love the valveking tho.
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just bought a guitar so im gonna have to save up for a new amp so ill have some time to look for an amp, but the vk212 seems pretty good.
also your sig made me laugh ^^
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They sell them here in denmark, I believe they're easy to find in sweden too.

EDIT: Just remembered 4sound also deals in sweden. So yeah, any 4sound store should have it around. Most scandinavian instrument dealers seems to be in that 4sound chain now.
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