I currently have a Encore Blueburst Dreadnought acoustic guitar. I've taught myself how to play over the last couple of years and have got to the stage where i really want an electric guitar.

I've been offered a Squier by Fender Bullet Stratocaster, amp, lead and case by a friend for £40.

Is this a good beginner guitar and should i take up the offer?

Alternatively, i really love the Yamaha Pacifica012, and have read some good reviews but this would be more costly.

Which do i choose? Please help
I am not a fan of Squiers at all but for that price as long as it plays well go for it.

squiers are crap, dont waste your time with a bullet. Get the Pacifica, its a great guitar and much more versatile than the squier. The frontman amp he is probably offering you is also crap, they screech like hell, have horrific tone etc. My friend whose been playing 3 years cant even make his squier and frontman sound decent.


Also pick up a decent amp with it, fender super champ XD is good but mihght be over budget, a vox VT15 or even a Line 6 spider will sound better.
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It's a good price, so you're not risking very much with that Squier.
The price is good so you can't go wrong if it's in decent condition but the Yamaha Pacifica is certainly better, though the 112V version is far better as it uses alder instead of agathis.
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Sure,why not.
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