I have a gallien-kruger head and a GK 4x12 speaker cabinet. I also have a Kustom 1x12 combo unit.

Would I be able to somehow disconnect the head from the combo and use the 1x12 in addition to my 4x12?

Any help on this would be very helpful.

If any other details are required please let me know.
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I'm not sure exactly how you would do that, but i do know that in the end, with the amount of wattage coming from the head and the power handling of the 1x12, you couldn't play any louder.
its possible if the head can handle the lower impedance load that will be created...

but in the end it just doesn't seem worth it to me
Ah ok, I just wanted to know if it would change my tone a bit. But I guess it seems that it's not worth it. Thanks for all the help.
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