Hey guys

working on this, dues to the marvelous snow And have become stuck on the transition on bars 24-25, where it becomes faster. In fact im not sure if the whole piece is worth carry-ing on with tbh. Oh well, a bit of background on the piece.

The intro is modelled of limbs by agalloch, with the long nots, and the eigth note distorted chords under it.

Please help, and give me some ideas cheers


Was made in Midi. RSE makes everything go out of time.
Spirits Calling.gp5
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if rse is out of sync to midi you should check the rse options and play around with the response time of RSE and MIDI. Also, if I have my pc running for a longer time and then start GP it eventually messes up, try rebooting beforehand.

crit will follow

edit: To be honest I wouldn't continue with this piece, it seems like something you can write up in a few minutes anyway.

but for the record you should have track3 joining in at bar 25, you don't really need the lame pwoerchord chugging in the intro, it rather disturbs the atmosphere. I'd put more emphasis on the piano, maybe have it even play the lead parts here.

Guitar 4 gets really annoying. You have to use more than just 8th notes.
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ok, looked at the finished version.
So the major problems are that you have essentially only 1 chord progression/melody here which gets really annoying.
It also gets extremely cluttered at bar 49 when another gutiar joins in. Maybe its just guitar pro, but even on guitar pro you can make something like that sound right. You have too much going on there, it's impossible to follow the guitars here.

bars with just 2 dotted 4th notes and a normal 4th note soudn EXTREMELY generic. you should do that only rarely and only on higher tempos when it doesn't stand out that much. It's just one of the most overused patterns every and make somethinh automatically sound like cheesy pop.

Solo was fine, nothing special but it did its job and had no flaws.

edit: I forgot to add that the whole speeding up thign isn't really necessary. The only way to implement that properly would be to have everything up until the tempo change played by the piano to mark a clear change.

could you please check out this song in return? turn RSE on on that one. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1253959

edit2: after reading the title of this thread, it didn't sound like folk metal at all to me. more like pop music.
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Didn't sound like folk at all, was terrible, slow, repetitive, didn't go anywhere. I'm so harsh
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My critique:

Intro is fine. GP doesn't translate the slow, delayed/sustained guitar effect Agalloch used on Limbs. The piano is nice, though not overly special. When the lead guitar comes on, bars 17 and 18 sound nice and have a melodic feel; however on bar 19 (and similar bars) it is too dissonant. Throughout the song I feel like you are forcing straight 8th note playing with no feel, which is one reason why this pales in comparison to Agalloch.

Bar 24-32 has no real feeling to it and is bland to say the least. Refer to what I already wrote.

Bar 33 on starts something a lot better. More feeling and proper melody. A little reworking is needed on some parts, but after this there is no denying it gets a lot better and has more feel to it.
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