Ok. Id like to hear opinions on a good looking guitar under £500 that can cope well with everything from clean sounds to distortion. Im going to play in an alt rock cover band and while some songs will be clean, most will be using an overdriven or distorted sound (no metal). I used to have an epiphone les paul, is there any guitar that would be as flexible as that? I like the look of hollowbody guitars but dont know if they would be flexible? Im likely going to get a hot rod deville 212 cos fender cleans sound real nice and get overdrive/distortion with pedals.
PRS SE series? Good stuff to be had there.

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thanks but everybody seems to be suggesting guitars with single coils. would they be ok considering the majority of bands we'll be covering use humbuckers?
i like the se idea sounds great clean and overdriven, I might say best guitars for the price.
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What about something like a mim telecaster? Of a highway one tele?

I'm not sure how much the '72 telecaster are going for ATM but they would be a good choice. My bandmate got a '72 custom for like £450 on gak; last summer I think it was.
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yeah probably. Or the circuits.
Im going to check out all these guitars. Anyone got experience of an epi sheraton? They look so nice! I was thinking about one of them or a dot and upgrade the pickups?
yamaha pacifica 812v? i've seen some HSS lags around that price too, which have a good spec (but i've only tried the model underneath, which was nice). Some HSH or HSS godins?

if you're mainly after distortion and overdrive, I think your fender HRD plan is doing things ass backwards, if you ask me. what's your budget for the amp?
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To be honest if your playing that style of music I would go for an LP styled guitar, or something with two HB's.

I can't personally recommend PRS guitars because I haven't played one, but I have been looking at some and they do look very nice and I've heard good things about them.

Semi-hollow guitars are pretty nice, a hell of a lot easier on the back, but they can sometimes give unwanted feedback when playing with distortion/ OD, not much but it's something you would have to experiment with to see if it would cause problems.

(It was £230/60 before Christmas so it isn't/ wasn't a dirt cheap guitar)

I have personal experience (owned it for a while now) with this guitar, It is made in china I believe and it's quite inexpensive but I'm completely balled over by the quality of the thing. The stock pick ups aren't perfect, but easily replaced with the budget you'd have left.


There is this guitar too, since you mentioned hollow bodied guitars, I haven't played one but If the above quality is anything to go from it should be a very nice guitar.

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