I'm having my Guitar painted by a friend, and the deal is that i'm required to remove all the electronics of the guitar before giving it to her. I've never really done anything involving wiring before and i was wondering if anyone had any good tips or links to good how to guides on the internet so i can read up a bit before i start the process.

Thank you
Can you just take the pickguard off with everything coming out, like a nine hole strat pickguard?
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What guitar is this for? Are you planning on using the same electrical components again or are you planning on buying new electrical components?
There's a ground wire to the bridge or tailpiece that you need to know about that completes the electronic's circuit. So if you've unhooked the pots, outputjack, and pickups, you're not done untill the groundwire has been delt with. On archtops, you have to remove the tailpiece to get to it. On solidbodies, it's under the bridge sometimes, so it depends on your guitar, but it's there somewhere.
Thanks Guys. All of this is helpful. I realized that i was very unspecific. I am planning on using all the same components again, with the exception of lengthening the Battery wire for the pickups, because they were installed poorly, and the battery is kept in the body cavity which is inconvinent.
It's a Godin G3000 Model with EMG's installed, since they're active, i don't have a ground.
It does have the fender like pickguard that's covering the electronics, so i'm thinking that all i really have to do is pull everything out and disconect the wires from the input jack... apart from that i just have to unscrew everything... would that work or is there more to it?
That's it. EMG's usually just unclip from their connections (hooray for quick-connect).
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Alright Thanks.
You've all been a big help.
I give you all a gold star and my appreciation
If your not familiar with stuff like this and you have a digital camera take reference pics. Even though I have been tearing guitars apart for many years I still try and snap some pics just in case. Guitars that have all the guts basically wired to the pick guard are so easy you don't have to have any experience in guitar repair. When you work on a Gibson LP where everything is run through channels drilled in the body it's much more work and you can easily mix up a wire or two!

Yeah, i wouldn't risk doing this to my Gibson. This is my older guitar, and it's stratlike in it's pickguard, so i thought that it would be simpler in extraction. However, i want the electronics taken off the pickguard, because it's getting painted over. Is disconnecting it from the pickguard easily done?
I am not familiar with the guitar but usually you never have to cut any wires except for maybe a ground on anything that is like a standard strat set up. I have actually bought prewired set up for strats where you just pop the stuff in and that is that. Some places sell pick guards already with electronics and pups ready to go all you have to do is screw it down!