When I was looking for the cheapest price on an Ibanez SRX400QM, most of the prices were $400-$450, but then I found musicgoround. The same Has anybody had a good experience with this website or is it a scam? Should I buy it from this website or save up to buy from somewhere else?
I checked their website and it seems that they only sell second hand gear, no new stuff. Read the "About us" part and you'll see.

None the less, they do have low prices, indeed.
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I have a music-go-round store near me. Everything they sell is used. Or at least like 99% of it.
I would definitely trust them. I mean, I never bought off the website, so I mean you dont really know the quality of the product, because you know, its used and you cant try it out. But I do go to their store all the time and try out a lot of their stuff. Everythings almost always in good shape. I'm actually thinking of buying a bass amp from there.

I think you can trust them.
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i think u can trust them. before i buy anything, i check to see if music go round has the same thing or something better for much cheaper. they usually do. and they do have some new stuff, like pedals and stuff. i bought a new russian big muff from there.
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I just wasn't too sure because when I emailed them about shipping to my location I was just given a toll free number.