Hey there everyone, recently I've been wanting to break the record for most users online, so I thought I'd put my plan into action . The most users ever online was 3523, on 10-06-2008 at 10:16 PM. I think we can beat this if we all plan to come online at one time & view the forums.

So discuss, do you think its a dumb or good idea?
I will sort out times & the date later. Will take me a while though
Well if it works, i will be astonished.
But heck its worth a go.

Most people will be at home tomorrow anyway due to weather conditions (yay).
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its a dumb idea

but it just might be dumb enough to work









Quote by speedy1330
its a dumb idea

but it just might be dumb enough to work

I actually think you deserve this for that reply...

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So the servers can overload and asplode and kill the Russians?
I don't think so.

I like the sound of this......

But let's not break the record
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well the record has never really been a major issue or achievement, so all that will happen is people will change their sigs to "i waz ther wen th r3cord wz brokded derp"

I've never been so keen for something in my life
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A forum-wide record. Epic. :|
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whats with these dumb records ! Next it will be the most pinnapples shoved up ones orphus's..........my record is four !!!!!!!

I think the UG server will blow up. But hey, still a record!
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We should try to break a record for the LEAST users online!!!

EDIT: Goddammit it should be "fewest"
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