Hey, not sure where in the forums this fitted so I'll just post it here.

I'm part of this youth music event organizing group called Music In The Sticks.

Over the past year or so, members have declined, motivation has declined, council support has declined. It's pretty much gone down to a small shadow of what it once was.

I'm basically asking, if anyone has been involved in any kind of community group in the past, or just has any ideas on how we can improve it, ways to get it back off the ground, things which you or your group has done in the past to improve, interesting ideas of events we could put on in the future (We may be a music orientated group but it'd be great to incorporate any other fields, since there's not much in terms of any other arts community for the youth around the area.) or absolutely anything else which could possibly in any way help us.

Could you please post something below.

It would be greatly appreciated.

i dont like beavers!
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Kids these days seem to like alcohol, maybe try that?

Maybe we should convince the powers that be to get rid of the "no drugs or alcohol" policy on events. That'll entice those youths.
i dont like beavers!
How much advertising are you doing? Maybe people aren't aware of it or have forgotten
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